How to create category menu as shown the screenshot.

Here, we have compiled some steps to guide you setting up the category menu.

1. Create a new menu. Navigate to Menus > Manage > Add new menu.
2. Once you have created new menu in #1, now, you'll need to create menu item in there.
3. Click on new button to add new menu item.
4. Click on select to add the menu item type. There will be a popup window. Locate (category) single category and click on it.
5. Select the desired category for this menu and once completed, click save.
6. Repeat step #3 till #5 for the number of categories you wish to add.
7. Now, you'll need to create a new menu module. Navigate to Extensions > Modules.
8. Click on new button to add new menu module. Locate menu module and click on it.
9. Add a title to it, choose the new menu that you have created at #1.
10. Choose [position-2] for this module. Once ready, click save.
11. If you like this module to appear on specific page only, you will need to do menu assignment. Choose only on pages specific and select the desired page.



In this section, you will be able to look for resources on how you could setup your new template to look similar to this site.

  1. Installation
  2. Configure Menus
  3. Configure Layouts
  4. Module Positions
  5. Updates



Voyager template comes with several module positions out of the box. Below are the available module positions on Voyager template:

  • [position-top]
  • [position-1]
  • [position-2]
  • [position-3]
  • [position-4]
  • [position-5]
  • [position-6]
  • [position-7]
  • [position-8]
  • [position-9]
  • [position-footer]
  • [position-10]

Note that position 6 and 8 are only visible on the double left and double right layout respectively.

Module positions on the site can be previewed when the 'Preview Module Positions' is turned on in Joomla's global template options. To locate this setting, head to Extensions > Templates > Options.

Once in Joomla's template options page, enable the 'Preview Module Positions' setting.

Here are screenshots of module positions preview for the different layouts.

Default/alternate module layout:

Single module left layout:

Single module right layout:

Double module left layout:

Double module right layout:

None(no modules on either side) layout:

Configure Modules Based On Module Positions

Modules in Joomla can be create at Joomla's modules section, Extensions > Modules. If the module you are looking is not on the list, you may click on the 'New' button located on the top left of the modules page, then select the desired module.

When selecting a position for the module, it is important to know that if the desired position does not appear in the position dropdown, you can manually type it in the search section and press enter. This is provided that you know this position exist on the template after previewing the module positions as mentioned above.

Also, remember to configure the menu assignment as well since this allows you to choose which page/s you want the module to display on.

It is always recommended to stay up to date with the latest version of any software to avoid running into unnecessary bugs. This can be done by receiving the latest updates from us. There is one most important thing to remember each time you run the update: Backup! Backup!! Backup!!! Once you've backup the site, you may proceed with the updates.
Updating Voyager Template

Updating Voyager template is just as simple as installing over the new template. You can either:

  1. Install the latest Voyager template over the existing installation, or
  2. Uninstall the previous version and install the latest version again.

Your css customization in custom.css will not get overwritten by updates.

At Joomla templates section, click on any of the Voyager templates to access the template's configuration page and you should see some of the template's settings, your focus here is the layout. In the demo site, you can actually test these layouts and how they look like on the frontend. Essentially the layout setting will affect the placements of modules in EasyBlog's post entry page.

Alternate Module - Allow placement of modules in one column on the left and one column on the right.

Single Module Left - Allow placement of modules in one column on the left.

Single Module Right - Allow placement of modules in one column on the right.

Double Module Left - Allow placement of modules in two columns on the left.

Double Module Right - Allow placement of modules in two columns on the right.

None - No module positions available on the left and right columns.


From Joomla templates section, you may notice that there are several other Voyager templates on the list with different names. They are actually the same, except for the name and layout configuration. For example, the template with the name Voyager - Single Module Right will have its default layout set to Single Module Right.

This is to provide convenience to site admins if they want to have different layouts for different menu items. All they have to do is assign the respective template to the desired menu in the Menu Assignment section.